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Programmatic SEO Playbook - Transport Niche

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This product is a 7,955 location dataset in the transport niche (think cars, bikes, etc) along with a 6-step, 2,000+ word, playbook on how to use it to build a programmatic SEO niche site.

To avoid a lot of competition flooding the niche, this product will be strictly limited to a maximum of 100 sales. It's first come, first served!

What's included?

  • The dataset (obviously) in both CSV and MySQL format
  • See which keywords the only competitor ranks for, and how there is a gap in the market that can be targeted with programmatic SEO techniques
  • Examples of how I would set out the on-page SEO to rank for the keywords
  • An overview of how I would build this in code (my recommended option) and how you could do it in WordPress. Note: the WordPress option is not preferred because it is very hard to build programmatic archive pages.
  • Ideas for monetization beyond display ads and how you could build a newsletter and possibly digital products too
  • My simple strategy for getting programmatic SEO pages indexed
  • Growth tactics to leverage the topical authority of programmatic SEO to expand into blog posts


If I look into my crystal ball, I might be able to guess some of the questions you might have about this dataset and playbook. 🔮

Where does the data come from?

That's classified. Okay, actually, it was scraped from the main competitor in the niche. 🤐

Will the data be updated?

No. It's very much meant to be a starting point for your niche site, and I include a couple of ideas for how you can make this dataset unique to your site over time.

Can you give me the niche before I buy?

Again, no, I'm afraid! It's a location-based service in the cars and bikes niche and this database is a list of locations where users can get that service.

Is this a step-by-step guide?

This product is a dataset with ideas on how I would personally use that dataset to build a site. It's not intended to be a complete guide on building a programmatic SEO site. For that, you'd need Practical Programmatic.

What is your refund policy?

I can't offer refunds on this because once the info is out there, it's out there. Please only purchase this if you can afford to do so and are interested in this type of data.

Can you coach me or help me to build a site using this data?

I hate to say no again, but I really don't have the time to coach or mentor anybody. It's flattering that people directly ask me to mentor/coach them, but you're better off learning as you go!

Can I bootleg this and sell it on the black market?

Yes. Wait, I mean, NO! Of course not. You'll probably do it anyway. Just know that I have got a very clever and foolproof (that's you, the fool) way of finding people that do this. I may or may not spam you with backlinks or DDoS your sites.

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.
100 sales

Instant and lifetime access to the Notion workspace which walks you through this programmatic SEO niche site idea. Easily duplicate into your own account and track your progress.

Step 1. Keyword research
Which programmatic SEO keywords to target.
Step 2. Simple SEO
The simple SEO strategies that work.
Step 3. How to build the site
How I would build a site around this data.
Step 4. Monetization ideas
Options for making money from this site.
Step 5. Getting the site indexed
Pages can only get traffic if they are indexed.
Step 6. Growth tactics
How to grow beyond just programmatic SEO.


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Programmatic SEO Playbook - Transport Niche

4 ratings