No-Code Programmatic SEO Course

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A comprehensive learning hub for Programmatic SEO using no code.

Our Notion dashboard includes a step-by-step course and resource libraries that will teach you how to automatically generate 100s or 1000s of pages of content, all without having to write a single line of code.

🎥   4.5+ Hours of Video Course Material
📘   20 Programmatic SEO Case Studies
📊   30 Programmatic SEO Datasets

🛠️   50+ Programmatic SEO Tool Directory
🔑   Lifetime Access to Added Modules

What is the difference between this and Practical Programmatic?

First off - if you already have Practical Programmatic you do not need this product. It's already included!

A lot of people can't afford $197 for Practical Programmatic right now but want to get started learning about programmatic SEO. Particularly with an emphasis on no-code solutions.

This product is to make the information more available to those in countries that can't afford the full course.

As an extra bonus, I'm also including the entire programmatic SEO OS product that I acquired early in 2023. It sold for $100 after I purchased it, and has over 130 customers.

Hub Overview

Organic search traffic is the best kind of traffic. It converts better than paid ads and is more sustainable in the long run. But creating content at scale can be an expensive process (in both time and money), especially for small teams and solo founders/content creators.

Luckily, with today's tools, there's a way to automate most of the work that goes into this process. Programmatic SEO.

The No-Code Programmatic SEO Hub will give you the tools you need to build a no-code tech stack with as little upfront cost as possible. Where most articles and courses only teach you high-level concepts about Programmatic SEO, this Hub provides a step-by-step process from beginning to end.

What You'll Be Building

Preetam Nath, CEO of DelightChat, was able to increase daily impressions for his SaaS website from 100 to 6,000 in six weeks by creating a repository of top Shopify apps by category. We will cover the technical aspects of how to replicate this project without using code. Once you learn the high-level process, you will be able to use this stack to build and test your own projects.

01 :: SEO Research

Learn how to understand search intent, identify keyword patterns, and generate content ideas.

• Introduction
• Programmatic SEO Overview
• Programmatic SEO Framework

02 :: Data Collection

Learn how to use Octoparse to quickly scrape web data with a simple point-and-click interface. No coding necessary.

• Introduction to Octoparse
• How to Collect Data with Octoparse
• Collecting Data from Multiple Pages

03 :: Webflow Setup

Learn the basics of setting up and building custom websites on Webflow through their visual canvas.

• Webflow Signup
• Webflow Style Guide
• Webflow Homepage

04 :: Data Preparation

Learn how to use Airtable as a dynamic database and manipulate content with OpenAI GPT-3 summaries. Then sync Airtable to Webflow CMS Collections using the built-in Nobull extension.

• Nobull Sync Setup
• App Data Import
• Data Cleanup
• Summarizing with OpenAI
• App Category Database

05 :: CMS Templates

Learn how to automatically generate 100s or 1000s of content-rich pages with Webflow CMS templates.

• Webflow CMS Templates
• Category Template
• Single App Template

SEO Optimization

Learn how to setup Google Search Console and Google Analytics to track target keyword performance.

• Mobile Optimization
• Google Search Console
• Google Indexing
• Google Analytics

Bonus Modules

We are still learning more about Programmatic SEO and all the different ways to implement it in our projects. When we learn something new, you will to. With lifetime access, you will get updated bonus modules as we finish them.

• Writing Long Form Articles Using ChatGPT
• Using WordPress for Programmatic SEO

Meet Your Instructor

Hey! I'm Ian Nuttall and I'm most well-known for my programmatic SEO experience.

I acquired this no-code pSEO course from a graphic designer and indie hacker called David Holt, who wanted to learn about no-code programmatic SEO, but only found a few generic articles about high-level concepts, with no details about how to actually build and implement them.

So he decided to roll up his sleeves and learned how to plug in all the pieces himself.

The result is this Webflow-focused programmatic SEO course that teaches you everything David learned along the way!

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No-Code Programmatic SEO Course

18 ratings
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